We welcome all manner of contributions, including bug reports, feature suggestions, documentation improvements, and patches to support new or improved functionality.

For developers looking to extend the Knowledge Repo, a few specific common examples are provided below.

Adding support for new Knowledge Post conversions

Support for conversion of a particular filetype to a knowledge post is added by writing a new KnowledgePostConverter object. Each converter should live in its own file in knowledge_repo/converters. Refer to the implementation for ipynb, Rmd, and md for more details. If your conversion is site-specific, you can define these subclasses in .knowledge_repo_config, whereupon they will be picked up by the conversion code.

Adding extra structure and/or verifications to the knowledge post conversion process

When a KnowledgePost is constructed by converting from support filetypes, the resulting post is then passed through a series of postprocessors (defined in knowledge_repo/postprocessors). This allows one to modify the knowledge post, upload images to remote storage facilities (such as S3), and/or verify some additional structure of the knowledge posts. As above, defining or importing these classes in allows for postprocessors to be used locally.

Something else?

Please don’t hesitate to file an issue on our GitHub issue tracker, and we will get back to you when we can.